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 Lonestar Ranch please???

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PostSubject: Lonestar Ranch please???   Wed Mar 04, 2009 6:59 pm

OK, here is what i want for Seth and Yasmin's ranch. I want it to be called Lonestar Ranch. I have a pic for it already. So here is the description:
Lonestar Ranch is a 500 acre ranch with a huge barn. It has a lot of acerage for pastures for horses. There is a big arena connected to the barn where horses can be ridden during the rainy season and a huge outdoor arena for when it is really sunny out. Horses will love it here because of the big pastures, lushesh grass, and plenty of other horses. The main house is where Seth and Yasmin live. And there are many other houses for ranch hands and for people to move in as well.
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Lonestar Ranch please???
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