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 An Arabian Stallion. ((WILD!))

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An Arabian Stallion. ((WILD!)) Empty
PostSubject: An Arabian Stallion. ((WILD!))   An Arabian Stallion. ((WILD!)) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 12:59 am

Name: Bask Afire Cheif (Cheif)
Age: 9
Breed: Arabian
Gender: Stallion
Personality: sweet, loving, smart, wild at heart, he is friendly and loyal, he is charming and has bred many Mares before, he is purebred, he ran away from his old owner and is now wild, he is handsome,
Picture: An Arabian Stallion. ((WILD!)) Chief_stud An Arabian Stallion. ((WILD!)) Chief_park_horse An Arabian Stallion. ((WILD!)) Afirechief_at_stud An Arabian Stallion. ((WILD!)) Afirechief_stallion An Arabian Stallion. ((WILD!)) Afirechief_stud An Arabian Stallion. ((WILD!)) Chief_stallion
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An Arabian Stallion. ((WILD!))
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